1, Q. How much is it to book a one day for one person course with you?

A. Currently one day course for one person is £200. 

2, Q. Can you teach me to weld in one day? 

A. Yes 

3, Do you teach children?

A. Yes, my youngest student is 15.

4, Q. How long does it take to make a small dragonfly?

A. It depends how much detail you put in the wings. A basic dragonfly would take me about two days. You will need to practice and your dragon fly will be as good as mine. 

5, Q. How long does it take to make one of your wire fairies? 

A. About 200 hours, spread over 6 months.

6. Q. How long have you been making, teaching wire sculpture?

A. I have been making about 30 years.  Teaching for 10 years.   

7.Q Can younger students get Council Grant funding for your courses? Do you do apprenticeship’s ?

A. The short answer is yes , £1,000 grants are available for students from your local council, that cover tools materials and my tuition. As my company grows I will be looking for a full time apprentice .

8.Q , Where are you based? Where can I see your work on public display?

A. I am based in Whitehill Bordon , Hampshire UK , Post code GU35. My work is on display at “The Shed”  Prince Phillip Park.