This was my second wire Fairy archer . she is twice as big as the first one i made. With increase in size i was able to get much more detail in her face . If you would like me to make you one Price's start at around £2,000 . Or you can let me teach you at my fairy work shop


Trying to make beautiful females face

Shortly after I started making and selling dragonflies I was asked by a lady friend if I could make her a fairy, and for how much?  So I looked at the market. The only wire fairies I could find were wire wrapped, stainless steel or galvanized steel wire. No wire artists were putting faces on their fairies /figurines.

I soon discovered why, trying to make beautiful females face in wire in any size is by far the hardest thing I have ever tried to make. I really love a challenge, what drives me is working out how to do something. Taking an engineering approach, I made a stick wire figurine to define the pose, not just the position of her arms and legs, also the twist of her back as she pulls back the bow string, I am trying to put energy into her pose.   The “Ideal Proportions of a Female body” is 8 head units, a head 18cm x 8 = 144cm overall height, this is my starting point. An armature is made, very importantly the pose is decided. 

After about 8 months I had produced my first prototype fairy in an archer pose. I could see all the imperfections long before I had even finished her, but I pressed on because I knew the next one would be much better.

I still have her, she is still not for sale, but I can make you one or show you how to make your own.

When I released my first fairy to the world, I knew she was good (imperfections aside) but I was completely blown away from the public response when I posted her picture online. I was inundated with requests to make fairies, and attend exhibitions.  Wisley Spring Fair gave me a free 5 day stall with power on the condition I bring my fairy archer. But she was not for sale for a number of reasons, she is a product in development, she is larger than life. When you meet her you will understand.  I still have her, she is still not for sale, but I can make you one or show you how to make your own.

Wisley spring fair with 20,000 attending over 5 days was my first big art event. Wisley used a picture of my first fairy in their advert for their spring fair. I sold out of dragonflies on the second day of the show, I had to make more and faster, at home in the evenings. By day 5 I was exhausted, I was finishing off dragonflies at the show, and selling them immediately and I had 20 new students wanting sculpture lessons.


Trying to make beautiful females face

The second fairy archer was started before I had finished the first, I was that keen, as I knew she was always going to be much better and higher definition.  The first thing I make is her head, this took about six months, working on her evenings after a day of gardening and looking after my son. I turned my en-suite bathroom into a small workshop where I could work on her without distractions. When making a fairy head I start with the profile, then the eyes. If the eyes are wrong, she will look awful. I practiced making eyes, 5 attempts to get her eyes right, before I can move to the next stage. The lips and cheek bones need to be positioned very accurately, as with her eyes they defines her face. As I add more wires, a beautiful face emerges.  Her hair, to give volume is 1000 tiny wires on 10 rows of 100 wires, layered in, a bit like thatching a roof.

Only when I have made her head, and I’m happy with it, do I move on to her body.

Please see photo gallery or Facebook page for how I make her head and body.