I like commissions, I love the challenge. These tend to be larger steel sculptures, which can take six months to make from drawings to finished product. Using a design and manufacturing method I have developed I am able to scale up or down the size of my sculptures, within reason. 

I work closely with the clients, first producing drawings, then sometimes a smaller model, so that the client can see exactly what they are going to get before they commit. I then ask for my estimated costs of materials up front. 

My home town is Whitehill Bordon. I was asked by the local Community Trust who manage our woodland if I could make a very large bee 1.5 meters long. I accepted this commission without hesitation even though I had never made a sculpture that large before.  After making some detailed drawings and a 300mm model bee, the Whitehill and Bordon Community Trust gave me the go ahead and cash upfront to buy the steel rod and tube.

I scaled up my drawings and reproduced them on a large sheet, this is my template.

I also had to invest in a bending machine that could bend and roll 16mm solid bar and 22mm steel tube, then my Chinese welder burnt out halfway through.  I learnt a lot making the giant bee which is now on permanent display in a tree in my home town.

The next year I was asked by the Whitehill and Bordon Regeneration Company to make a life size Roe deer for our new town centre. Made in high grade 316 stainless steel mounted on large engineered oak plinth which I also made.  The Roe deer can be seen at “The Shed,” in the new town centre Prince Phillip Park, in Whitehill Bordon, probably my finest work so far.

I would really like to make a giant fairy archer or similar, as a commission or a community make. I am in the process of making a giant fairy head which is 80cm (32inchs) high. When her body is made, she will stand 6.4 meters (21.3 inches) tall.

If you or your organization would like to commission this large fairy or something similar, please get in touch for more info and prices.